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Heights and stopping dates

Stopping dates are given as a guide only and are only essential if you need to have your plants flowering for a particular date. If you are growing your Chrysanthemums just for your own pleasure, then these dates are irrelevant.

Stopping dates are based on the northeast of England, so you will need to alter them to suit your location. As with plant heights many factors will influence how your plants grow after the stop. So, they should be seen as a starting point to produce blooms for shows in early September or early November, depending on the variety, and will need adjusting for earlier or later shows.

So many factors will influence the final height of your Chrysanthemums, such as soil, garden aspect and growing conditions, that it is impossible to give an accurate size. However, we feel that the heights given indicate the average that you might expect. Please note that these heights apply to plants received in April and earlier, plants received later in the year will naturally be shorter. Late planted varieties, available in September, will only make heights of 60 - 75cms (2 - 2.5 feet).